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(Frequently Asked Questions)

When it's a good time to visit the Castle?
We recommend visiting the place at night time, just before you planning to
Go out and enjoy the nightlife in Chiang Mai.
This way, you will have experiences to share with your friends and the best mood ever

How long the activity does takes?
About 20-30 minutes.

What age are allowed entry?
Entry is permitted for anyone over the age of 12, a child under the age of 12 must have the accompaniment of an adult.
Drinking at the bar from the age of 18.

What if I'm too scared to continue?
We've got your back. some people each night are too scared to make it through the Castle and are let out by our security staff.
But don't forget there are no re-entry and no refunds

Are you handicap accessible?
Sorry but no ... the danger and traffic inside the Maze do not allow entry into a dark place to people with a motor disability.
Our apology. But can stay at the Bar

Will the actors OR the props touch us, or can we touch them?
NO, the actors will not touch you, please be respectful and do not touch them.
Accidental, unintentional contact may occur.

How many people can get into each round?
Up to 6 people in one round.

There is a toilet in the place ?
Yes, certainly.

Is there a waiting area?
Sure, you can wait in the lobby – bar of the Castle and even photograph yourselves with the décor or chill at the Bar

How far from the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai?
The Castle is located just at the end of Night Bazaar, near Pantip Plaza Mall.

Are Entrance is forbidden for some people?
Yes, the entrance is forbidden for pregnant women, people with heart disease or epilepsy.
Management has the right to refuse entry to a person under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or someone who uses violence.
Refunds will not be given.


• No smoking
• No use of electrical devices including cell phones, flashlights or laser pointers.
• No photography or videotaping.
• No illuminated objects.
• No running, pushing or shoving.
• No touching of props or performers.
• No sharp objects, weapons or firearms.

You will not be admitted if you appear intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
If you violate any of these rules you may be asked to leave the place without a refund.

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Chang klan, A. Mueang Chiang Mai
*At the end of the Chiang Mai night market, near Pantip Plaza Mall

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